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Frozen - Nữ Hoàng Băng Giá



Princess Elsa possesses the power to create ice, cold but does not learn how to control this power. So Elsa must accept living away from everyone, including her sister Anna very loving. However, on the day Elsa crowned queen, a terrible incident occurred that she had to leave the capital city to the top of high mountains away from the people. Not accepting that and also to save the people from the disaster Elsa caused, Anna rushed to find her. Along the way, Anna receives the help of the mountain boy Kristoff and the lovely snowman Olaf.

The ice queen has a script based on the famous snow queen of Andersen. The filmmakers at Disney made the film with the idea of ​​retaining the emotional value of the old story but reconstructing it in the spirit of modern Disney. Thanks to the most advanced technology, the team of Disney artists can create and embellish the subtle expressive details on each character's face as well as the slightest change. When watching movies, the audience will feel this very clearly, even the changes in thought ... also expressed through the eyes of the character. With simple snowflakes, the artists created 2,000 different shapes for them in the cold queen, thanks to the advice of experts. With complex scenes, it took about 30 hours to process the frame.